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    Big board desiccant
    Shoes with desiccant
    Composite paper packaging desiccant
    MianZhi desiccant small package
    Non-woven small packing desiccant
    Small packing desiccant three-in-one cloth
    fine pored ball silica gel
    Big board desiccant
    Big board desiccant
    Thin-layer chromatography silicon sheet
    fine pored ball silica gel
    B-type silica gel
    C-type silica gel
    Colorful allochroic silica gel
    Coarse pore silica microspheres
    Cat litter
    Silicone PSA
    FNG silica gel
    Allochroic silica gel,non-cobalt
    Scent gel
    Add:Qingdao Licang District 9 236 Lee Chang Industrial Park water
    Tel:0532-87660818 87605230
    Location:Home->About Us
      Qingdao Jinyang Fine Chemcall Co.,Ltd.Mainly manufactures and processes all specs and textures of inner wrapper desiccant, set up in 1987 from the fractional package branch of Qingdao Sea Chemical Industry Group, Taking the Qingdao sea brand silica-gel with the quality certification and hygiene license as the basic material,the products have the top quality, the technical criteria of which reach or overpass the national and trade standard,of which especially “damp-proof chain board” that has the innovative feature and can be used by the common mass and enterpriser (width:300mm with the 6 blocks of 36mm*40mm damp-proof unit, length:according to the requirement of the clients) is the feature and edge of the desiccant of our enterprise and exported to Japan mainly.

      The company locates in the Qingdao booming Industry base—Lincang industry garden with the elegant setting and full facility, convenient transportation,and perfect environment protection measure; away from the Qingdao Liuting international airport at its north, away from Qingdao port at its south,adjacent to the Qing-yin highway and 308 national road, the first famous mountain—Laoshan mountain at its east. With the 1.08 million yuan registered capital and 6 million total assets, and with the areas of 9900m2 and 3000m2 modern production and process workshop which is divided into the industry goods, medicine and war industry goods etc. sectors. The products are extensively employed in the medicine, machine, optices electron, precision instrument, gauge board, seed, processed food, tea, a varieties of chemical fibers and textures, leather footwear and leather, sports shoes, cultural relic archives, camera, arts and crafts goods etc., that need the damp-proof and mold-proof.

      The company owns all kinds of home-made and imported equipments with the 6000 tons annual output, the modern office building integrating office,negotiation into rest, amusement, which makes the new and old clients cooperate with us.
    Add:Qingdao Licang District 9 236 Lee Chang Industrial Park water Tel:86-0532-87660818 Fax:86-0532-87660817 E_mail:qdjinyang@163.com
    Copyright (C)2010 Qingdao Jinyang Fine Chemical Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
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